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Product Roadmap



LTHealth Product Roadmap


The Background: LTHealth was struggling to attract new clients and not seeing the levels engagement expected from their B2B client. They hired Courtney Lind, UX Consultant, to conduct user interviews and usability testing.

The Users: The majority of users were women between the ages of 28 and 60. Most were motivated to be healthier but had a limited and/or incorrect understanding of what “healthy” is.

The Findings: Users were generally confused about the services the mobile app provided.
• LTHealth was trying to solve too many problem for the wrong users.
• The content was great, but not packaged in a consumable way.
• Minor usability issues hindered users from accessing and using the app.
• The most successful users of LTHealth were involved in Health Coaching.

The Challenge: After receiving Courtney’s findings, LTHealth was unclear and unaligned on the future direction of their platform. Although they vaguely knew what their goals were, they were unsure how to proceed with what they had available to them at the time.


The Goals:
• Provide users easy access to health coaches.
• Simplify user access and the registration process.
• Provide an intuitive experiences for both users and Health Coaches.
• Engage new users in health coaching.

The Team: XD, 2 Product Designers (myself included), BA, Health Coach, Solutions Architect, Business Owner, & LTHealth Director.

The Design Sprint: The first day, we worked with the business to answer critical business questions through lightening talks and design exercises such as Is/Is Not, Think, Feel, Do and How Might We.


The Idea: The next several days, we spent journey mapping, architecting, and sketching a sitemap. We focused on simplifying the technology, providing content, and supporting users at various levels of engagement.


User journey & tiers of engagement:


Sitemap & information architecture:



The Deliverable: Using existing personas, we built a sitemap and low-fidelity wireframes for an entirely new web experience featuring three core capabilities that support Health Coaching. We accompanied this with user flows and component annotations.


Dynamic Home Screen

The users’ home screen will change as they progress through Health Coaching. Whether they are tracking goals, in a healthy eating program, or using the exercise library, their home dashboard can accommodate any need. No need to ever leave the dashboard!


Health and Goal Tracking

Goal tracking helps keep users accountable for their health goals and keeps their Health Coach updated in real-time. Coaches are always informed and always ready to help their clients and provide them with support and content.


Personalized Content Library

LTHealth’s extensive library provides a large variety health guides, meal plans, and exercises in various content types. The favorites and recommendation engine help users personalize their content as well as create their own personal library.


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