Elle Duncan

Registration Simplification


Life Time Registration Simplification


The Challenge: Life Time has a variety of manual registration processes. This forces members to struggle while reserving Life Time’s numerous resources, products, and services. Product teams and businesses are not aligned on one consistent solution.

The Users: Members and non-members registering themselves and their families for both free and paid classes, events, camps, and other activities provided by Life Time’s 140 locations.

The Team: XD, Enterprise Architecture, LTTechnology, & PMO


The Design Sprint: The team devoted 5 full days delving into all of Life Time’s backend systems, data flows, business requirements, and registration experiences. We then distilled all of our findings, and put a longterm plan together.


After we fully understood our users, business requirements, and technology limitations, we began brainstorming and defining our path forward.


The Audit: We then reviewed any and all registration needs at Life Time with the business sponsor and technology team. We simplified all registration into a handful of registration templates.


The Flow: Depending on registration type, we streamlined and simplified the user journeys, integrating registration into the foundation of the interface.


Original Swim Assessment Flow:


“North Star” Swim Assessment Flow:


To see work in progress, please contact me.