Elle Duncan

Team Member Bios


Team Member Bios

Life Time

The Challenge: Life Time has a lot of really great team members and no way to showcase them to members and prospects across all 140+ clubs. Members in turn want to connect more with the team members they like and explore other team members on their own terms without being approached randomly in the club.

The Goal: Help capture the essence and personality of all team members and allow them to market themselves within the Life Time domain. Additionally, allow our members to explore the staff across the clubs and search for someone that can provide the guidance, knowledge, and support they need for their interests and goals.

The Team: XD, LTTechnology, Studio Production, Enterprise Architecture, BA, & PMO.


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Image Production Process

In order to streamline image production across all clubs and digital platforms, we built an image template. LT Studio produces one high resolution image, which then gets saved to the CMS. The image then gets propagated to LT’s various channels at the correct aspect ratios, pixel densities, and image sizes. If an image gets updated, it will update across channels and components.